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Triboro Design create a brilliant new logo for Nike NYC. (source)
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/// Our Five Favorite Funders ///

Check out our weekly round-up of our favorite projects that are currently seeking funding. This week, we’ve featured campaigns from:

If any of these projects strike your fancy, consider backing them!


THISISSTUTTERING is done. It needs funding to be screened in festivals! Stoked to see what Morgan’s done with this film. Bummed I missed the initial screening because I was out of town…but I’m stoked to be apart of funding this project and moving it closer to it’s goal.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE and support an awesome documentary


thisisstuttering is a found-footage doc that has already changed lives. It is completely done; we need your help to get it out there.

let’s fund this project, guys. i have seen this film. it’s fantastic. it’s the struggle of a 22 year old young man that decides to go try speech therapy one more time and how his life is changed by it. it’s touching for any stutterer, person who even knows a stutterer, or really anyone who hasn’t accepted and embraced a part of themselves complete. it’s for people who have issues. it’s for people who sometimes feel insecure. and it’s for all the people who know them. lovely piece.

he needs to raise the amount by oct 11 so please, please get the word out! if you can’t pledge on kickstart, send the link around to friends and family!


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Hi Geo! I was wondering if you could help me get the word out about a project on Kickstarter that a friend of mine has helped launch. They created a documentary called thisisstuttering, using found footage from Morgan’s speech therapy classes. Its brilliant and not just about stuttering but about anyone’s issues in life, from anxiety to illness to self-confidence issues and more. They already made the film, they just need to get it out there to festivals and such, and this will help them greatly.


Please just take a look at it. It is so much more than just a doc about a guy with a stutter, and it deserves to be seen. Thanks!


Put Me Down Decal Bathroom Toilet Seat
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Transparent Playing Cards
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